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1. First, in ENGLISH, RENAME YOUR WORKS: family name, given name, country, words describing the work. Small letters, with comma or space between them. EXAMPLE:  crisan, horia, romania, gun, target, bullet .

2. Upload YOUR WORKS, YOUR PHOTO and YOUR CV here: TRANZIT. Maximum 3 MB each, JPG or PNG format.

3. CHECK HERE to see if your works are loaded.  

Your works will be accepted only if they are interesting and do not infringe copyright or violate any ethical norms! 

If your works did not appear IN A FEW DAYS on our site, it means that they have not been selected. 


By uploading your works on our site you guarantee that you own all of the rights to the works and that public use of the works by HumorPLA.NET will not infringe or violate any law, regulation or rights, including but not limited to confidentiality, privacy and copyrights of any third party.


NOTE: The gallery ("TRANSIT") is a COMMON gallery where any artist can upload works. From this gallery, THE ADMINS CHOOSE quality works that can appear on our site and delete the rest of the files.

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