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Born in 1949. Stabor is a professional cartoonist for 41 years. He works as a free lancer as a commentator and political cartoonist. He also works for several very prominent European magazines and newspapers such as ”NEBELSPALTER”, “EULENSPIEGEL” etc…

In 1996, Stabor has been invited from “SEIKA” University (Kyoto, Japan) to be one of the foreign lecturers at cartooning department the same faculty as one of the 10 best cartoonists in the world in 1996.

The Turkish association of cartoonists proclaims Stabor for Ambassador of Cartoon in 1997.

Stabor is a member of CWS (Cartoonist & Writers Syndicate, N.Y. USA).

Working over 40 years in the field of cartooning Stabor is an owner of more than 150 world important prizes for his work.

The most important prizes are:

GOLDEN PENCIL, Legnica, Poland, 1986.

GRAND-PRIX, Montreal, Canada, 1986.

GOLDEN MEDAL, Semarang, Indonesia, 1986.

GOLDEN MEDAL, ”The YOMIURI SHIMBUN”, Tokyo, Japan, 1987.

YASUO YOSHITOMI PRIZE, Kyoto, Japan, 1991.

SILVER MEDAL, Seoul, South Korea, 1991.

GOLDEN MEDAL, ”The YOMIURI SHIMBUN”, Tokyo, Japan, 1994.

GRAND-PRIX, Daejeon Expo, Seoul, South Korea, 1995.

ASAHI SHIMBUN PRIZE, Kyoto, Japan, 1996.

GOLDEN MEDAL, Seoul, South Korea, 1996.

GOLDEN MEDAL, ”The YOMIURI SHIMBUN”, Tokyo, Japan, 1997.

GRAND-PRIX, ”The NEW STATESMAN” London, U.K., 1998.

SILVER TULIP, Eindhoven, Holland, 1998.

GRAND-PRIX, Zemun, Yugoslavia (Serbia), 1998.

GRAND-PRIX, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O. China, 2002.

SILVER MEDAL, Porto, Portugal, 2004.

SILVER MEDAL, Beijing, R.O. China, 2006.

GOLDEN MEDAL, Legnica, Poland, 2007.

FIRST PRIZE, Deva, Romania, 2013

Stabor has six individual exhibitions so far:

Canadian embassy, Belgrade, 1985.

Montreal, ”GUY FEVRAU CENTER”, 1986.

“STARA KAPETANIJA”, Zemun, Serbia,1998.

MEDIA CENTER, Belgrade, 2000.

Gallery “SZTUKI”, Legnica, Poland, 2003.

Gallery “FORMA”, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2003.

Stabor was a member of the international board of jury’s several times so far:

Montreal, Canada, 1987.

Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 1987.

Istanbul, Turkey, 1988 and 2001.

Legnica, Poland, 2002.

Bursa, Turkey, 2004.

Skopje, FRO Macedonia, 2005.

Ankara, Turkey, 2014.

Deva, Romania, 2015.

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